Hey Mama, we see you. From sneaking encouraging notes in lunch boxes to putting yourself in a time out just to keep your cool, we see you showing up wholeheartedly. We are mamas too, so we know your family is ever-changing. That means the attention you give to yourself is also always in flux. The one thing that is always consistent is your unwavering devotion to putting your heart and soul into everything you do as a mama. There is a word for that. It is Meraki. And it is what we are all about.

Motherhood is beautiful, sometimes challenging, but it should never be isolating. In 2019, two Colorado mamas became friends after confiding in one another about their individual experiences with motherhood challenges like anxiety, fatigue, anger, and depression. Of course, they had a deep love for their kiddos but the challenges they were feeling were robbing them of their precious connections with their families. Though they each had different journeys, they had both sought relief from CBD products with great success. Seeking to share and improve upon their positive experiences, they created Meraki Mama. 

Together they have created a line of supplements formulated to help us all experience more of life’s beauty each day. This was achieved by using liposomal technology to create far superior supplements for mamas in need. Knowing that CBD may not be right for all mamas, they worked to develop a variety of liposomal supplements for mamas, developing products with and without hemp ingredients. These products provide profound assistance through the combination of organically grown botanical extracts, amino acids, and vitamins chosen to soothe the challenges mamas frequently experience. In no time, Meraki Mama had formulations that were one of a kind and deeply effective. Nurture your soul, mama.